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STRIM HEALTH CARE is the privileged partner of THIEBAUD SAS, a private company established in 1936 in Margencel (France) that manufactures exclusive single-use medical devices for minimally invasive percutaneous procedures to improve healing, repair, reconstruction and regeneration in six specialized therapeutical areas:

STRIM HEALTH CARE combines tremendous know-how with advanced science and engineering for the benefit of human health. As a company that is based in knowledge and innovation, we benefit from decades of experience in the field of medical devices. Our corporate group has developed a real synergy based on best practices of innovation, compliance, manufacturing and international marketing of our products.


Improving surgical techniques is embedded in the very core of STRIM DNA. Our vocation is a strong drive to contribute to significant progress in surgical techniques. Designing and producing state-of-the-art medical devices that increase safety and effectiveness of medical procedures positively impact the outcomes of patients, and thereby improve their quality of life.


Keep it simple and let’s STRIM. While others are bringing engineering products to the healthcare market, we develop simple and smart minimal invasive products, that make them affordable.



Focus on the quality and safety of our products


Cultivate respect and trust in our own resources


View our customers as partners


In all circumstances, remain at the service of our customers


Adapt our product offerings to market expectations


Obtain regulatory compliance from our suppliers and subcontractors


Maintain the potential of our scientific and technical resources



Since 1936, our core expertise has been manufacturing medical devices made of stainless steel tubing. For over 90 years, we have developed new property technologies that lead to innovative products as result of our absolute control of medical tubing design and manufacturing.

Since 2000, we have had a major interest in minimal invasive surgery, which led us to develop innovative solutions to maximize the therapeutic results and drastically reduced recovery time for patients (length of time spent in the hospital, pain, infectious risks, bleeding…).

Below are some of the most relevant milestones in the most relevant therapeutical areas:


Our pathway made us experts, but it is our technology and our vision that make our expertise unique and deeply committed to our core mission:

  • Patented technology

    With more than 20 patents that protect the unique features of innovative devices, specifically designed, tested and manufactured to provide a complete answer to medical needs.

  • Single-use philosophy

    Single-use medical devices eliminate related risk of cross-contamination and provide a high technical level of functionality and efficiency.

  • High-quality stainless steel

    The use of a very high-quality medical grade stainless steel (SUS 304) allows our devices to achieve a mechanical resistance, finishing and polishing above market standards.

  • Accurate metrics

    Exclusive and accurate metrics provide technical support to medical decisions and enable accurate technical protocols that aim to achieve high-level and reproducible outcomes.

  • Certified quality

    Design and manufacture of medical devices according to the quality requirements of ISO 13485. Use of the best raw materials according to the best manufacturing practices to provide state-of-the-art medical devices.

  • Regulatory compliance

    FDA and CE cleared medical devices that meet all regulatory requirements for efficient and safe procedures.

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