bone cement


Clinical application

Bone cement optimized to perform procedures that require vertebral body augmentation.


Powder component 26,0g bag contains:

Poly (methacrylic acid methyl ester)

Zirconium dioxide

Dibenzoyl peroxide

Liquid component 10ml - vial contains:

Methacrylic-acid-methyl-ester-stabilized-with 1,4 - Dihydroxybenzene

Benzenamine, N, N, 4 - trimethyl

KEY Features

· HIGH VISCOSITY acrylic-based radiopaque bone cement.

· Optimal injection control with cement injector.

· High concentration and homogenous distribution of contrast medium (ZrO2) for an optimal radiovisibility.

· Low polymerization temperature that reduce the risk of thermal shock on the tissues.

· Mixing time: less than 1min. to obtain a homogeneous product.

· Charging time: Ready for charge the cement injector immediately after mixing (2 min.).

· Start to use: possibility to start from 2-3 minutes (depending on room temperature)

· Optimal working time: 9 minutes, thanks to its specific formulation that “pauses” the polymerization reaction (depending on room temperature). 

· Completely hardens: 11-18 minutes (depending on room temperature).

· Excellent mechanical properties, especially the compression strength.

Metrics & References

Ref. 80TBD039


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