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Vertebroplasty is a percutaneous technique that consists of injecting a resin (cement) into a vertebra under radiographic or scanner. The utility of vertebroplasty in the treatment of spinal pain was discovered in 1984 by Dr Deramond (France). Widely used on bone lesion due to tumors, this technique can also treat osteoporotic vertebral fracture.

Strim Health Care offers all the medical devices (needles, injectors, mixer, cements, etc.) allowing this surgical procedure to be carried out under the best conditions under general or sub-local anesthesia. 

Pioneers DNA


Launch of the vertebroplasty range


Coaxial needle for vertebroplasty that allow the procedure with local anesthesia: t’AM


Hand bone needle for very hard bones: t’OCR


Reinforced Cementoplasty

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